Buck and doe hunting is available at Apache Creek Ranch year round.

Axis Apache CreekAxis deer, also known as chital deer, originated in the tropics of India, and as such, do not follow a seasonal rut. They can be found newly shed, in hard horn or in velvet all at once. It also means that fawning can occur at any time. Axis deer are moderately large (bucks are 29-39" tall and weigh 150-250 lbs. / does are 26-33" tall and weigh 90-150 lbs.), are spotted all of their lives, and have three tines on each antler.

Venison from the Axis deer is considered delicious and is sometimes preferred to whitetail. Like whitetail venison, it is very healthy and lean.

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2015/2016 Season

Texas MLP White-Tail Season:

Oct 01, 2015 to
Jan 05, 2016

Exotics are Year Round

What to Bring

  • Personal Items
  • Rifle (Deer)
  • Ammo
  • Binoculars (Optional)
  • Adult beverages are not included.

Interesting Facts

  • Well nourished bucks can grow antlers at a rapid pace of over 1/2 inch per day. Apache Creek Ranch provides a high-protein feed year round to ensure the best racks possible for trophy deer.
  • Deer have dichromatic (two-color) vision, which prevents them from being able to see oranges and reds. Many types of safety gear are designed with this in mind.